May 12th                              Fun Show                                                                                Noon

May 19th                              Rain date for Fun show                                                          Noon

June 9th                               Poker Run                                                                               Noon

June 16th                             Rain date for Poker Run                                                        Noon   

July 8th                                Cowboy Challenge                                                                 Noon

July 15th                              Rain date for Cowboy Challenge                                          Noon

August 4th                           Cowboys vs Cowgirls Challenge                                          Noon

August 19th                          Driving Day                                                                            Noon

August 26th                          Rain date for Driving Day                                                     Noon

‚ÄčSeptember 8th                      Fredericktown Tomato Parade

September 9th                      All Horse Parade

September 15th                    Fun Show                                                                                 

September  22nd                  Rain date for Fun Show                                                        Noon

September 29th                    Tortoise/Hare Event                                                              Noon

September 30th                    Rain date for Tortoise/Hare Event                                       Noon

October 6th                           Copper Horse Crusade                                                        10am

October 7th                           Rain date for Copper Horse Crusade                                  10am

October 20th                         Halloween Fun Show   

October 27th                         Rain date for Halloween Fun Show



All of our shows are Open to the Public!  We have a concession stand during our shows and there is water available for your equines.

Please check back on this page and on our Facebook page KCHP(Knox County Horse Park) to see if any shows have been cancelled.  We will update the schedule as soon as we can.  Please check back regularly. 

2018 Schedule of Events