2020 Officers:

PRESIDENT: Debbie Cole

VICE PRESIDENTS: Travis Ross and Dave Huge



Membership is required for use of the Knox County Horse Park.  Paid dues entitles the member to unlimited use of the park and facilities for one year.  Associate members are subject to limited use.  Dues will be determined on a yearly basis by vote of the general membership.  KCHP has the right to revoke a membership.  Membership is from January 1- December 31.  Memberships are available for individual, family, or youth (under 18 years of age) and associate.  Membership purchased after October 1st will be good for the following year.

Use of the park is limited to the members, associates, and guests for the personal use only.  Permission must be obtained to conduct any commercial business on the premises.  Use of the trails are limited to equines or foot travel only.  No bicycles or motorized vehicles are permitted except for maintenance.  Use of the arena is allowed if no damage would occur by riding.  Otherwise it is closed until it is suitable for use.  It is the user's responsibility to insure all items used in the arena are properly stored when finished and all gates are closed and secure.  All buildings and equipment (except the concession/entry booth) are available to all paid members, buildings are not available to associate members.  Youth members must be accompanied by an adult (does not have to be a member).

Primitive camping is permitted, except by associate members.  No water or electricity is provided.  Use of generators is discouraged.  Firewood is provided for use at the park.  No firewood shall be removed from the premises.  All fires must be contained by ring or stone and extinguished before leaving the park.  Return unused firewood to the proper storage area.  Please leave the area clean.  Remove trash and horse piles before you leave.  All confinement equipment must be removed upon leaving.  Horses may not be left unattended overnight.  Be courteous to fellow campers.  No camping is permitted within 50' of the shelter house. 

Proper conduct is expected from members at all times.  No illegal substances shall be permitted.  Alcohol is permitted in the camping area only.  The member is responsible for all horses and guests brought to the park.  Dogs may be brought to the park except on days when open to the public.  The owner is responsible for their dogs.  The park has the right to request removal of the dogs. 

The park business will be conducted by board of nine (9) trustees.  They will be responsible for all items involved I maintaining the operations of the park, including insurance, purchasing, permits, and functions.  All trustees shall be voted to positions by the general membership in November.  A special election will be held in the event of a vacancy.  Term lengths are set forth in the articles of incorporation.  There are no term limits of trustees. 

A general membership meeting will be held the first Saturday of each month.  The President shall determine the location and preside over the meeting.  The Secretary shall record the minutes and keep the records for the park.  The treasurer shall provide a financial report.  The Vice President shall conduct the meeting in the absence of the President.  Three (3) officers shall be present to conduct official business.  All votes are subject to majorities of the general membership.  A paid regular membership is required to vote.  A family membership is entitled to two (2) votes.  All officers shall be at least sixteen (16) years of age and a paid member.  A youth member must be at least sixteen (16) years of age to vote.  Terms of officers shall be for two (2) years.  Elections shall be held in November for any officer positions to be filled.  Associate members may not hold office and do not have a vote.

Events, activities, and functions shall be determined and operated by the general membership.  Approval by a majority vote of the general membership must be obtained to secure the rights and funding for any project.  A chairman shall be elected and will be responsible for organizing the event.  They shall report to the President.  All expenditures (over the amount of $100.00) shall be approved by the Board of Trustees.  The chairman will maintain records of income and expenses, and report at the first general meeting following the event.  All monies will be processed by the treasurer upon surrender by the chairman. 

A regular member may reserve the shelter house for use by requesting approval in writing.  No reservations will be approved for days of scheduled events.  The general membership will be informed of any reservations.  The park will remain open to all members. 

Members may bring guests to the park.  If the guest visits on multiple occasions, they are requested to join the park. 

The arena is available for use by groups for a fee that will be determined by the trustees.  The use is subject to availability and approval by the board of trustees.  All use must be within the guidelines of the operation of the park.  The general membership will be informed of the reservation.  The park will remain open to all members. 

No officer, trustee, or individual shall receive compensation for duties performed.  The park may compensate individuals contracted to perform work at the park, even if that person is a member.  All funds shall be dispersed by the treasurer.


The Knox County Horse Park is maintained and operated by all volunteer individuals.  It is everyone's responsibility to assist in keeping the facilities in clean and safe condition.  We have a unique facility that promotes equine activities and allows everyone a safe and enjoyable location for their riding activities.  Volunteer today.

Revised 10/2013

The KCHP has a website to be used for updates and information.  Changes in meetings or notices will be posted as early as possible.  The address is www.knoxcountyhorsepark.com

Happy Trails


For a membership application please email:  kchpknoxcountyhorsepark@yahoo.com